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Faster Game

Finally some great news for ‘time poor’ golfers looking to get in that extra round of golf.When riding a traditional 2 person cart you are restricted to where you can drive and have to follow 2 sets of balls. This leads to increased distance as you wouldn’t be travelling in a direct path to your destination.

Research has shown that the revolutionary Golf Skate Caddy™ leads to much faster games than a traditional 2 person cart. When riding a Golf Skate Caddy™, the difference travelled is about the same as walking the course with a pull buggy. The speed of travel however is much faster.

Many pro golfers feel the GSC allows them to play the course in 25% less time while travelling the flight path of the ball, something they can't do with a traditional cart and allows the golfer to really get to "know" the hole and their next shot.

The Golf Show’s, Ossie Moore, has commented on the GSC’s ‘agility’ and ‘speed’. He says that it is these two aspects that make it more appealing than a traditional golf cart.Golf Skate Caddy™ riders use a side stance similar to a snow or surf board, leaning their bodies weight left or right whilst holding onto the specially designed mono handle for stability. They accelerate and brake using the patented handheld trigger controller. When riding the Golf Skate Caddy™ the rider looks cool, balanced, athletic and in control.

Benefits for players

Golfers of all ages are experiencing a faster paced game. The Golf Skate Caddy™ rider can ‘surf the turf’ cruising to their own ball, without having to wait for their co-player as in a traditional golf cart. There is increased manoeuvrability and the Golf Skate Caddy™ is less likely to become involved in traffic jam on paths.

Benefits for golf clubs

The Golf Skate Caddy™ helps golf clubs improve profitability and attract younger players.The improved profitability comes from the simple fact that faster games lead to more rounds, and more people visiting the 19th hole. For clubs, attracting fresh young players leads to increased membership levels as well as an increase in occasional golf player revenues. It may also provide more competition, possibly even encouraging the mature players to get out on the course more, as well as potentially accounting for increased pro-shop sales, food, beverages and green fees. The Golf Skate Caddy™ is the ticket to a faster and exhilarating game

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