Frequently asked questions

Does GSC offer a warranty?

Yes we offer a 1 Year Warranty

How many holes can I expect to get from a fully charged unit?

This will vary with rider weight, rider style, course length and terrain. But the short answer is 36 holes. We do recommend that a top off charge of 30 to 40 minutes is given between 18 hole rounds. This 200 lb. writer has ridden his board 45 holes on a regulation course with many hills. As you know for the longevity of any battery it is best to get the bump charge in between rounds.

How much skill is required?

Each riders comfort level will be slightly different. We find that most golfers have a very short learning curve of a couple of holes to become competent with the GSC. We offer 4 speed settings and many safety features.

How much is shipping?

Shipping will vary greatly from region to region. We currently ship mainly from Florida. Shipping averages are around $200 per board for the continental USA.


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